Graphite Cookware

Graphite Cookware Products:The electric rice cooker 
inner pot,graphite roasting dish,graphite saucepan,
graphite frying pan,graphite casserole etc

The Advantages of Graphite Cookware:

1.RoHS Compliant

2.Carbon Content 99.9% (High Purity)

3.Non-stick Surface

4.Excellent Heat Storage 

5.Good Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

6.Excellent Corrosion Resistance

7.Energy Efficiency


Home Appliance

Electrical Appliance.

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XRD Graphite is capable of machining graphite and carbon parts according to customers' requirements.Choose the appropriate graphite materials such as isostatically pressed graphite.

XRD Graphite has introduced varies of processing technology to constantly optimize and innovate the product by absorption, transformation, combination with its own advantages, and has further established the technological advantage in the industry. Our products are widely used in solar photovoltaic, semiconductor, vacuum furnace , mechanical machining, non-ferrous metal smelting, electrical discharge machining, diamond sintering mould, chemical industry, nuclear and quartz  industry etc. 

We provide milling, band sawing,planning,slicing,drilling,polishing,CNC engraving and CNC lathing and many other services. In addition to machining, we offer graphitization and purification treatment services to improve the material quality while reduce cost.

Every customer is equipped with a special business personnel and technical personnel,they are try their best to provide the solutions,drawing design,data confidentiality,etc.perfect after-sale team,tracking service for customers.

Our company own the independent import and export right,Products are sold to many domestic provinces and cities but also japan,usa,iran etc countries.

In the past few years, we have served many customers around the global. We cooperated with many world famous companies such as GCL.

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      We are equipped with CNC lathe and CNC engraving machine as well as other graphite machining equipments. We also provide milling, band sawing, planning, slicing, drilling, polishing and many other services.

      XRD Graphite engineer staff works closely with our customer to identify their need and covert their concepts into reality. We are also able to import your AutoCad files into SolidWorks models for design validation. Prototypes and samples can be provided to confirm design and details prior to mass production.

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