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Features for Molded Graphite

All high purity Molded Pressed Graphite have individual properties that will help you to choose the perfect grade that best suits your needs. Molded Pressed Graphite provides an extremely wide range of properties in terms of mechanical strength, friction, density, hardness and conductivity, which is even further enhanced by impregnation with resin or metal.

Due to their find grain size and homogeneous structure of this material, it can often replace by Isostatic Graphite if dimensions is not taken into consideration.

    Good Machinability

    Compared with metallic materials, the bulk design of graphite is lower. It has excellent mechanical machining properties.

    Strong Thermal Stability

    It is possible to be used even at 3000°C in inert atmosphere or more.

    Low Expansion Ratio

    Low Thermal expansion ratio will ensure dimensional stable, even rapid change in temperature.

    Excellent Chemical Resistance

    Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature. Resistance to acid, alkali, and organic solvents.

    Excellent Electrical Conductivity and Thermal Conductivity

    With strong thermal resistance, which means graphite is the ideal material for certain applications like heating element.

    High Purity Molded Graphite also has other good characteristics such as:

    High Strength

    Ultra High Purity

    Excellent Anti-corrosion

    Low Specific Electric Resistance

    Physiological Safty

    Mould and Furnace Parts

    Inspection- Every Piece of our Graphite is traceable

    Molded Graphite Green Billets

    Molded Graphite Warehouse

    Graphite Blocks

    Graphite Rounds


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