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Graphite Molds Affact The Quality Of The Diamond Saw Blade

When man-made diamond saw blade is in the hot pressed sintering,Graphite Molds play the roles of heating element and the molds holder.the quality of the graphite molds and the variation size of the performance parameter can directly affect the dimensional precision of the diamond saw blade,also include other factors like superficial shape,segment in the binder content,the hardness of substrate material,the cutting performance and service life etc.

1、The impact factors-graphite volume density,graphite shore hardness and the flexural and compressive strength when graphite plays the role of bearing in the hot pressed sintering,it requires the higher gaphite volume density,graphite shore hardness and the flexural and compressive strength.volume density should be bigger than 1.75g/cm3.as the pressure head of the graphite mold,it's more important to have the bending strength.it's easily broken if the lower volume density,shore hardness and the flexural and compressive strength of the graphite has.

2、The impact factor-open porosity

In order to guarantee the bright and clean of diamond saw blade,except for the higher bright and clean of the graphite molds surface,but also thefine grain structure.better to smaller open porosity,it should be smaller 13%.

if the graphite has the lower bulk density,higher open porosity,then when it's in the hot pressed sintering,the weightlessness rate of diamond saw blade will increase,that leads to the lower binder holding ability of diamond.even worse it can affect the degree of bright and clean in surface of diamond saw blade.

3、The impact factor-the impurities of graphite

If the impurities of graphite is too much and higher ash content,when it's the hot pressed sintering,the impurities of graphite will produce chemical reaction with the diamond saw blade and attach to the surface of the blade,they will affact the appearance of the diamond saw blade.

4、The impact factor-The resistivity of graphite

among the graphite blocks,If the resistivity of them is not same,when it's in the hot pressed sintering,different temperature will lead to the difference of the hardness and bending strength of substrate material.then the effect to abrasion ratio and cutting ability of the diamond saw blade.

So,graphite molds are very important,choose right graphite materials,and skillful grahpite manufacturers.

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