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Daily Maintenance Methods Of Graphite Hot Zone

Graphite Hot Zone is the core of Vacuum Furnace,It will directly affect the performance of the furnace and its operating costs.most vacuum furnace has the four major components:Graphite Heating Element,Graphite Guide Cylinder,Graphite Crucible and Other Graphite Hot Zone Parts.due to the material or the time used,these graphite components need to be Changed regularly.and to Graphite Hot Zone parts,when to changed and when to cleaned.XRD Graphite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd will tell you.

1、Need to be replaced for components are overdue (or let the experienced people determine whether they should be continued to use or not).For graphite components not need to be changed,and is not used temporarily,they should be sealed in plastic bags and put into the carton packaging,indicate the details of Vacuum Furnace.

2、For parts damaged and not be overdue,they can be changed(if they are not used temporarily,they should be sealed in plastic bags).when reused,recommended in the Purification of the stove.

3、When to open the furnace,remember to clean up the hot field oxide and siliconing,Graphite Guide Cylinder and thermal cover needed to be cleaned carefully,avoid Raw material pollution.when to take the graphite components,take care your safety and the parts,which needed to be put discreetly.

4、Operate the processes strictly to protect the graphite components.when to open the furnace every time,they are needed to check carefully and note the details.

5、Check whether there is any crack on graphite components,especially graphite crucible.if they have crack,report to manager immediately.check they carefully.

6、If graphite components are overdue,they are need to changed.Check whether there is any crack and defects on graphite heating element,graphite guide cylinder etc,if not,continue to use.then note the details about the graphite components.

7、Note the details for graphite components have accidents,and the graphite components have some problems,archived to the specified place to avoid the confusion.

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