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Tough Graphite Mold Market 2016

Now, with the global scarcity of resources, raw material price increases much more than before, so the cost of graphite mold rises too. some of graphite molds suppliers can not afford the cost and "close the door". some large companies have started new ideas of graphite mold market to find a new way.

Graphite mold enterprises are facing heavy pressure:

1、The rapid rise in prices of raw materials make graphite mold rises price at almost months or even one or two months, some large graphite mold companies had to cut profits.

2、Due to the impact of national policies,huge domestic graphite mold industry is also facing increasingly intense competition.

3、From the consumer in terms of market players, consumers have become more rational than before, a very sought-after price promotion also has lost the power.

Cooperation and competition of graphite mold suppliers:

For graphite mold companies, they must identify the market position、customer orientation、brand positioning, establish a unique brand personality, enhance their competitiveness and occupy and expand the market.

In addition, the agreement between the future market needs related companies coexist to form groups to occupy the market. This requires companies to be good to share the benefits with others, so that companies can win-win.

Graphite mold market forms a new pattern of brand segmentation:

Brand integration, capital operation, the enterprise alliance is the more active,these are notable feature of graphite mold industry this year, such as graphite molds for silvergraphite molds for coppergraphite molds for glass etc.the industry reshuffle soon, the competition will force the brands companies segment customers in the market, new pattern segment formed in the brand.

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