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How To Prolong The Service-life Of Graphite Plate

Graphite plate is widely used in many industries, so the maintenance is importmant for customers. as one of top graphite plates suppliers-XRD graphite makes a few considerations and advices as follows:

1)The amount of current increased to Graphite plate, the higher temperature of the appearance for graphite plate. It recommends to use as small as possible load density (power).

2)Parallel connection for the grpahite plates, avoiding to be broken for the rapid increase of resistor.  

3)After the graphite plate heated in the air, the appearance of graphite plate will constitute a dense silicon oxide film, playing the effect of extending service-life.

4)When graphite plates used continuously, resistor need to be added slowly to delay service-life.

5)the higher temperature,the shorter service-life for graphite plates. in the furnace of 1400℃ or above,oxidation rate will accelerate to shortened the service-life. so try not to let the temperature of the graphite plate surface too high when used in the process.

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