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How To Improve The Oxidation Resistance Of Graphite Products

XRD graphite has good characteristics such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance etc. So that it can be widely used in kinds of industries. However, how to prolong the service life of the graphite products? It is absolute principle to improve the oxidation resistance in the high temperature environment.

After high temperature anti-oxidation coating processing, graphite electrode, graphite crucible, graphite rods can be seep into the pores by the liquid, a layer of protective film is formed on the surface of the graphite crucible, which can prevent air directly from contacting with the graphite electrode, graphite crucible, graphite rod to avoid oxidation reaction, after dipping coating of the antioxidant treatment, which can’t crack and spall in high temperature changes as to extend the lifetime by effectively delaying the oxidation.

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