Graphite Machining Parts For Nuclear

Nuclear graphite has properties of high purity、
high density、small anisotropy and high 
precision graphite machining.

Currently,the production of nuclear graphite is on the basis of synthetic graphite.due to the properties of high purity、high density、small anisotropy,the existing graphite production process、graphite raw materials and equipments need to be improved,so as to achieve the requirements to produce nuclear graphite.

As nuclear reactor material,graphite material has the advantages:

1、Graphite has a higher scattering cross-section and low thermal neutron absorption cross section.

2、Graphite is a refractory material,it can still work at the 2000 degrees.

3、Graphite has good thermal conductivity,it won't produce much heat stress.

4、Chemical properties are very it can be used in the molten salt reactors and bismuth uranium nuclear reactor.

5、Graphite has excellent anti-radiation performance,which can be used for 30-40 years.

6、Graphite can be easily manufacturerd

7、Graphite materials are virous and cheap,which are easily processed into nuclear graphite of high purity,much strength,different density according to customers' requirements.


High Purity Molded Graphite or Isostatic Graphite

Resistance of Max Temperature  3850±50°C;

Different grades of graphite materials are available to suit your specific application. 

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      We are equipped with CNC lathe and CNC engraving machine as well as other graphite machining equipments. We also provide milling, band sawing, planning, slicing, drilling, polishing and many other services.

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