Three Segment Crucible

Due to better properties of graphite crucible, so 
they are widely used in the metallurgy, casting, 
machinery, chemical and other industries and they 
have made great economic progress.

The properties:

1、Thermal stability: due to working condition of urgent hot quench,three segment crucible is specifically designed to ensure the reliability of product quality.

2、Erosion resistance: uniform and fine matrix design, delaying the degree of erosion of the graphite crucible. 

3、Impact resistance: graphite crucible can withstand high thermal shock strength, so any treatment process can be assured.

4、Acid resistance: special materials joined significantly to improve the quality of the graphite crucible, excellence in acid of indicators, and greatly extend the service-life of the graphite crucible.

5、High heat conductivity: high carbon content ensures good thermal conductivity, shorten the melting time, and significantly reduce energy consumption.

6、Metal contamination control:strict control of material composition, ensuring graphite crucible has no pollution to the the metal in the process of dissolution.

7、Quality stability: production process technology of the hydroforming process and quality assurance system fully guarantee the stability of quality.

When used:

1、When solid heated with big fire, it is necessary to use a crucible. because it can bear much higher temperatures than glasswares; 

2、Put the lid catty-cornered on the graphite crucible, in order to prevent the heaters out;

3、Because the bottom of the graphite crucible is very small, generally it needs to stand on the triangle to fire. graphite crucible can be placed with a tripod or diagonal,depending on the needs of the experiments;

4、The crucible after heating can not be immediately placed on a cold metal table, avoiding to be rupture.and it can not be immediately placed on a wooden table, avoid to scorch your desktop or cause a fire;correct approach is retained natural cooling in the tripod, or cooling slowly in asbestos.

5、Please use crucible tongs to access graphite crucible.

Graphite three segment crucible is mainly used in the chemical industry under normal circumstances, for example we need to do the experiment, when special things to be heated. we have many things to pay attention under normal circumstances, for example, we must follow operating procedures to operate when used. 

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