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Graphite Continuous Casting Mould

Graphite Continuous Casting Mould

Graphite is a widely used material in continuous casting. The die molds are generally produced out of graphite. In these types of applications, the types of graphite used are ISO-Molded types. Small porosities and good machinability are required properties, and ISO-molded graphite has those. In rare instances, where large ingots are produced, extruded graphite is used. There are two types of continuous casting processes, a vertical casting and a horizontal casting. Graphite molds are used in both types of applications.

A wide variety of alloys are fabricated using continuous casting in graphite molds. Gray cast irons, copper-nickel alloys, nickel silvers, aluminum bronzes or gold and silver alloys, are  just some of the alloys being produced with graphite molds.


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