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Graphite Industry Moves Toward The High-end

Development of low-end of chinese graphite industry is seriously hurt resource protection and industrial upgrading. with the rapid development of modern science and technology and the country's new materials, the field of new energy broaden continuously, graphite industry is facing the same fate with rare earth: due to the low threshold which leads to over-exploitation of resources, the low end of the industry, low deep processing technology, a few companies monopoly control, lack of unified planning and regulation, and all these situation restrict the healthy development of graphite industry.

According to the records of Bureau of Customs, datas show that China graphite is major exporting to japan, south Korea, the united states, india, russia, japan and south korea import large quantities of graphite material from china, the price per ton only a few thousand dollars, after its purification process re-export to china, the price per ton of 10 million -20 million.

In Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Hunan and other places of rich graphite, graphite industry is basically still in the process of mining the primary stage of the production of raw materials, graphite products, quality and technical level are all backward, so as to form a waste of resources, environmental pollution , and the cycle of low efficiency, and lack of funds, lack of information, lack of talent is also fatal factors to these graphite companies, china graphite companies are most are still at a loss.

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