Graphite mold - elliptical rod

With the development of the modern industry, the application of graphite mold has become more and more widespread. 

Graphite mold - elliptical rod

With the development of the modern industry, the application of graphite mold has become more and more widespread. 

The properties of elliptical graphite rod :

Maximum temperature is 3000 degrees centigrade, it is easy to be oxidized in high temperature, except for vacuum, which is used only in the neutral atmosphere or reducing atmosphere. Its thermal expansion coefficient is small, thermal conductivity is larger, resistance coefficient is (8-13) * 10-6 ohm - m, easy processing , high temperature resistance, the most of all ,the price is cheap.

The elliptical rods become popular with customers, for its low-price and high-value. XRD dedicates to creating elliptical graphite rods that benefit society,and expands the scope of use.


    We are equipped with CNC lathe and CNC engraving machine as well as other graphite machining equipments. We also provide milling, band sawing, planning, slicing, drilling, polishing and many other services.

    XRD Graphite engineer staff works closely with our customer to identify their need and covert their concepts into reality. We are also able to import your AutoCad files into SolidWorks models for design validation. Prototypes and samples can be provided to confirm design and details prior to mass production.

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