Continuous Casting Graphite Mould

High thermal conductivity
Low coefficient of thermal expansion
High thermal shock resistance
Good machinability

Continuous Casting Graphite Mould

Continuous casting is a casting method used in high volume production of metals with a constant cross-section. The method uses an open ended graphite die which is surrounded by a copper jacket. Through which is poured molten metal. The graphite mold is typically water cooled. This allows the molten metal to solidify within the die, the custom solid metal form is then extracted from the mold and pulled/passed through rollers and water sprays. This process removes the heat from the metal, and gradually solidifies it.

Graphite is a widely used material in continuous casting. The die molds are generally produced out of graphite. In these types of applications, the types of graphite used are ISO-Molded types. Small porosities and good machinability are required properties, and ISO-molded graphite has those. In rare instances, where large ingots are produced, extruded graphite is used. There are two types of continuous casting processes, a vertical casting and a horizontal casting. Graphite molds are used in both types of applications.


    We are equipped with CNC lathe and CNC engraving machine as well as other graphite machining equipments. We also provide milling, band sawing, planning, slicing, drilling, polishing and many other services.

    XRD Graphite engineer staff works closely with our customer to identify their need and covert their concepts into reality. We are also able to import your AutoCad files into SolidWorks models for design validation. Prototypes and samples can be provided to confirm design and details prior to mass production.

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