Silicon carbide graphite crucible

Silicon carbide graphite crucible has many advantages, such as good thermal stability and oxidation resistance etc.which is not easy to be oxidized to extend the service life

Silicon carbide graphite crucible

(1) High thermal conductivity: the high thermal conductivity of graphite materials shortens the melting time;

(2) Heat-shock resistance: good heat-shock resistance protects it from breaking in extreme environment;

(3) High-heat resistance: high temperature resistance, up to 1200 to 1650 degrees;

(4) Corrosion resistance: be resistant to corrosion of the melting soup;

(5) Shock resistance: be resistant to the shock of strength when molten materials are put into.);

(6): Oxidation resistance: graphite is not easy to be oxidized at high temperature                       

(7) Blocking resistance: Graphite is not easy to adhere with the melting soup, so less adhesion;

(8) Less metal pollution: metal pollution is less because there is no iron in melting soup;

(9) Slag collecting (removing) agent resistance: have good resistance to slag collecting agent (slag removing agent)


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