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Features for Iso-Molded Graphite

Iso-Molded Graphite, also named Isostatically Pressed Graphites or Isostatic Graphite. It is produced by the method of Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP). Graphite is iso-statically pressed is because it allows for uniform properties in all grain directions. This differs from extruded which is pushes through a die and has varying properties in different grain directions. Iso-Molded Graphite is used for specific applications where uniform is required.

XRD Graphite obtain a high finished product yield rate due to our unique process and quality control, this enable us to produce high quality consistent graphite.

    CZ Silicon Crystal Growth

    Continuous Casting Die


    Hot Pressing/ Sintering

    Quatz-precess technology


    Vacuum Furnaces

    Heat Treatment

    Graphite Heating Elements for Vacuum Furnace Industry

    Graphite Machined Part for Photovoltaic Industry

    Graphite Hot Zone For Photovoltaic Industry

    Graphite Machined Part

    Graphite Machined Parts

    Graphite Machined Parts

    Graphite Tube for Nuclear Industry

    Graphite Machined Parts

    Graphite Machined Part for Photovoltaic Industry

    Graphite Bolts

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